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Where’s Aggie?

As many of you are aware, Aggie has retired from the tea room. Although we all miss hearing her booming laugh, her imprint remains forever with the White Heather Tea Room. The high quality food and warm, friendly service that are the hallmark of the White Heather Tea Room experience continues. Below is Aggie’s farewell message.



A Wee Message from Aggie...

A heartfelt thanks to all of the loyal customers who have supported me over the years. On January 6th, 2000 I opened the White Heather Tea Room – a life-long dream of mine. The Tea Room more than fulfilled my dreams and I have enjoyed the loyal staff and wonderful characters who have given me beautiful memories to treasure for the rest of my life. I proudly hand over the reins to Richard and Ann, the new owners. I envy their new adventure and know that you will enjoy their kind hospitality. The Tea Room has seen its share of hopes and dreams over the years from all who have frequented her and I am very grateful to Richard and Ann for carrying on with "light hearts and generous spirits."

I will particularly miss the Tea Room on damp rainy days. There is something about the light on these days and the happy, cozy atmosphere inside the Tea Room. It warms my heart just thinking about It. Perhaps I’ll see you there.

Muckle Hugs,


What’s A Muckle Anyway?

This is probably one of the questions we are asked the most.

When Aggie Campbell was deciding on a name for the largest afternoon tea to be offered at the White Heather, she remembered a bedtime story told to her by her father about David and Goliath.

This was the Scottish version written by Frank Bryson, a well-known storyteller from Kilwinning in the West of Scotland.

It went something like this…“And wee Dovit packed his wee satchel with tatti scones and a flask of tea. And he went doon to the wee brook to get five round chucky stones and off he went to fight the “Big Muckle Giant” that stood 20 feet tall in his stocking holes.”

Hence the reason for the “Big Muckle Giant Tea”!



Did you know?
White Heather is a good luck symbol in Scotland, this being partly the reason for the tearoom’s name.